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Swing City Bloodstock Services is the equine marketing division of Swing City Auction Company LLC established in 1997. Swing City Bloodstock has the necessary resources to market your bloodlines; and management practices to the right buyers. Swing City Bloodstock believes each client is different and you deserve a marketing strategy tailored to fit the needs of your program, as well as educating potential buyers. Rest assured the seats will be filled with people who will pay top dollar for your genetically gifted athletes in the sale ring.

Twelve Reasons Why You Should Use Swing City Auction Company to Market Your Bloodlines

  • Swing City Auction Company will provide a solid marketing campaign and will promote your bloodlines to buyer’s worldwide, through print, web, social, audio and video advertising.

  • More public (more buyers in one place at one time) way of selling – fast, efficient, and sets a fair market price.

  • Swing City Auction Company will protect you and your interest by acting as the agent to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer. They assume the risk of non-payment for a small cost…commission.

  • You receive immediate payment backed by a bonded and regulated account.

  • Your best interests will be met when your bloodlines are represented by a qualified marketing professional from Swing City Auction Company.

  • Paid in Full, Paid on Time, Fair Competitive Price. - Commission looks pretty cost effective when you can trust that you’ll be paid in full, paid on time and receive a fair, competitive price. That is the benefit of marketing your bloodlines through Swing City Auction Company.

  • Competitive bidding, which means there is no price barrier. This makes an auction especially good for your best bloodlines, which are difficult to put a price on.

  • Maximum exposure for maximum market impact.

  • Sold means Sold - A definite sale is made

  • Swing City Auction Company provides a quality marketplace to present your bloodlines to prospective buyers

  • Swing City Auction Company will help you build and present a (Day of Auction) marketing campaign.

  • Swing City Auction Company will handle any or all paper work needed to make the transaction go smoothly and also will act as an arbitrator should any questions arise between the buyer and seller concerning the sale of the animal.

***Please ask about the Trainer Incentive Program***

Swing City Auction Company LLC would like to be your auction company for your next auction or sale helping you to create marketing strategies for a high impact live, simulcast, and online auction or private treaty sale. Swing City Auction Company LLC will always work hard to earn and keep your business. True Price Discovery can only be achieved through the auction method of selling. 

You have worked too hard to let “just anybody” market your REPUTATION!

Swing City Auction Company is located in Plano, Texas but will travel the United States and the world. Swing City can be reached at:                        Phone: 760-505-1256 - Email:

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